Consumed in a swirling shower of stars

My world now contracted to fit in your arms

Enveloped in you and I cannot be saved

As my heart leaps towards you, bound by its cage

Every last nerve ending searing with fire

As my conscience is slowly consumed by desire

The touch of our breast as hands seek out

The hunger of lust the forgiveness of doubt

The taste of your lips and the scent of your skin

Where love and the rest of my life will begin

And as my last defenses collapse at your feet

I surrender myself in becoming complete.



The Stigma Of Self Pleasure


     First, let me shake off all the perverts from reading this by saying I’m not going to describe, explain, make up, fantasize or tell about me masturbating or any other self pleasuring. I only wish to blog about the social stigmas as well as the realities of the activity… there and be gone all you voyeur trolls!       

      Masturbating first started around the year….one. Even granny was a participant. I do not know of a single girlfriend of mine that does not practice this taboo and often. Men are very open about the habit as if they were bragging about it, but for many legitimate reasons women tend to be more discreet about it.

     There are so many terms for it that it boggles the mind! My favorite for guys is “whacking the loaf” and for girls it’s “strumming the banjo.” I once heard my oldest brother call it “stroking the viper” but somehow none of these or any other terms sound very sensual, much less romantic.

     Also, for as many names that it has, equally there are as many different methods to achieve it. Electrically, multiple insertion devices, battery powered gyration, water pressure and of course the old fashion manual effort….the results are always the same. I ordered my first “device” by mail when I was sixteen. I had it for about two years. Since then I go through about two a year, (I drop them a lot). I have never used any elaborate devices like the Sybian saddle or anything exotic like Ben Wa balls. Just good old fashion wand vibrators like good old Mom used to use, (most like still does).

     A few years ago I was introduced to the incredible variety of personal lubricants. Some that heat up, chill down and those with multiple flavors. These have really made dating as well as alone time special. Just visualize it without any more explanation.

     So, I would say most everybody does it and often using multiple aids, but few talk about this evil taboo. Wanking is the catalyst for a trillion dollar industry around the world and yet you won’t hear about it on CNN because of the social stigma it carries not to mention a healthy price tag. My last toy cost me $29! It’s relaxing, soothing, therapeutic and fun….a lot like miniature golf, but with less holes…………….Terri



You came to my table and took my order for a drink. Your eyes were bright and full of mischief. Your smile, both relaxing and inviting. Your long dark hair flowed, even after working a long shift.

I watched as you walked away from by table. Every movement. Every sway and lift of your hips. It was beautiful. Both men and women took coveted glances at you. You were very desirable.

You soon brought me my third drink of the evening. My courage was fortified and I took chances. I saw on your name tag the name Jill. Simple old world name. I said your name and told you how nice your hair looked. You smiled.

The evening ended for me with maybe one too many drinks. I paid you with a proper tip and you smiled as you looked into my eyes. You thanked me and I smiled back. You were beautiful and my heart ached as you walk away one last time.

Later that night, I glowed with hidden passion as my husband made love to me….and I thought of you.


Neighbors With Benefits

                                There’s friendships…..and then there’s friendships


     I have a strange relationship with a neighbor in the condo complex where I live. I’ve known her and her really sweet husband for most of three years now. They are both originally from Canada and he’s some kind of textile chemist and she works part time at a daycare center where they have their little boy. She’s the same age as me and they both love my cooking, which qualifies them as friends. They both know I’m lesbian and even kid me about it in a nice way.

     Now here’s the situation. During the last six months, me, her and sometimes my ex, would all go to flea markets and yard sales almost every weekend. Sometimes she would even come over in the evenings with a bottle of wine or something she’d baked for us to try. My ex thought she was an airhead, but I thought she was really nice. We had been friends long before my ex ever came along and we would laugh almost the entire time we were ever together. So, about a month ago, just before my ex imploded and moved out, she started doing a lot of hugging and being affectionate when we got together. She had really gotten to be a touchy feely kind of friend, which is my general nature anyway, so I didn‘t really have issue with it and yes, on a few occasions, we did kiss, but nothing more than that. Well, she also started to ask a lot of sexual questions about lesbian relationships. Like I said, we’ve known each other for about three years and I know she’s not hitting on me and that she’s only curious, as most straight people are…..most cases anyway.

     I’m not going to go into a lot of detail, as I don’t really think it’s necessary. But, the one topic she stated talking more and more about was oral sex. She made it clear that she could never, ever do that with another woman, but!!!, she most likely wouldn’t have a problem having it done just to her. It seems that cunnilingus is not her husbands cup of tea. Now, I know I’m just a simple minded southern girl, but I’m not a dork! It’s obvious she want’s me to make the first move and have a non reciprocated affair with her. Now, I do dearly enjoy a good peach, but I also enjoy sharing and except for high school, I’ve never been in a position like this before. I think the world of her and her man and she is very pretty and yes, sexy, but this might be a little too awkward, even for me, maybe, I think, whatever. I’ve only seen her once in the last two weeks and that’s when I told her about my ex moving out and she hugged me, which caused me to cry some more, but nothing else happened. You know, I might be assuming a whole shit load of whatever’s, and could be totally wrong about her. Anyway, I do love her homemade doughnuts.




You Are So Evil

      OH MY!       


You are so evil,

So bad and sly.

You’re total mischief,

Prank, scam and lie.

You fool me,

And then you use me.

You are so bad,

I’ve been had, Can’t you see?

You are so bad,

You creep in at night.

 You know I’m glad,

That you’re my evil delight


Love Nourished



Remember the first look, that was all it took

I knew it from the start, we would never part

When I see your warm smile, it is never vile

Looking into your eyes, there are no lies

Placed upon my breast, your tender lips to rest

A woman’s love nourished, as another woman’s flourished

There are no words to say, how you make my day

When those words touch my ears, after all these years

They touch my heart and soul, they make me feel whole

When those words leave your lips, my heart does back flips

When you say “I love you”